Thursday, July 10, 2008

Global Warming - Really

Maybe it is because I grew up 30 miles from Palm Springs, but I don't think it is terribly hot outside. Sure Woodland Hills scorched at 113° a couple of weeks ago, but the Valley is supposed to be hot. The Valley used to be a desert.

According to Wikipedia, "Los Angeles is a chaparral-covered desert that was transformed by sprinklers, pipes and Mulholland's public waterworks." All this is to say that it is SUPPOSED to be hot in LA.

Ventura County is another matter however. Here is the forecast for the next couple of days:

Date Conditions High/Low Temp
Fri Jul 11 Partly Cloudy 68°
Sat Jul 12 Partly Cloudy 70°
Sun Jul 13 Partly Cloudy 68°
Mon Jul 14 Sunny 67°
Tue Jul 15 Sunny 68°

I think you get the picture. This is JULY people. July - officially summer weather, right? Why do I have to clean my windshield every morning from the moisture? Why has it looked like it might rain almost every day the last 7 weeks? I do live half a block from the beach, but still. I have never enjoyed such a cold summer. I am loving every minute of this.

If this is global warming, bring it on.


Vixen said...

Oh dear, please send a little of that south. It has been too hot and dry down here.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I remember in the 80s we were going to have another ice age. I can't remember who make all the money off that one. Global warming my behind. :)