Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby Number 2 - 19th Week

According to, our baby looks something like this now. We are in our 19th week. My wife made the appointment today for the ultrasound, so we are pretty excited. We finally get to see what sex the baby is on Wednesday. Let the naming battles begin!

I decided to have some fun, so if you look to the right column you will see a poll asking for your opinion. Do you think it will be a boy or girl? Let's see who is right. It is a short poll, so be sure to vote soon.

I am trying to spend as much time with my two year old as he will allow. I know his world is about to turn upside down again, so I want to help him build confidence in where his place is in the family. He has been so clingy to my wife lately, that he is either going through severe separation anxiety, or he can sense something is up. A few weeks ago, in a post called "Daddy Finally Matters", I blogged about how I was finally getting some attention. Most of that went away until a couple days ago.

The other night he had crawled into bed with Mommy while I was doing my Entrecard clicks. When I came to bed he looked so cute that I didn't kick him out. As soon as I got in bed he put his arm around me and grinned. He was mostly asleep, but the gesture meant so much to me that I laid in an uncomfortable position until he moved his arm. The last couple of days he has run up to me quite frequently, wanting Daddy to pick him up. Sometimes I am second choice, but I don't mind. I love the attention he gives me, since it used to be so rare.

I am hoping that he is excited about being a big brother. We ask him where Mommy's baby is and he points to her stomach, so we think he knows there is something different about Mommy. I doubt he has grasped the concept of a person being in there, but hey, this kid is pretty dang smart.

Wednesday is going to be a great day. We are pretty excited to see our little baby, whether a boy or girl.

Update: I was informed that my 19th week post was inaccurate. We are in the 21st week now though. (June 18, 2008)


Kati said...

the naming battles..darn right...

Vixen said...

Oh how exciting today will be! My son's wife is pregnant with her first, just a few weeks ahead of yours. We found out it was a boy two weeks ago! Since I already have two granddaughters, I am pretty excited to add a boy to the group.

Good luck!

SAHMmy Says said...

I voted Girl! Need someone to pass Baby ChubChub's clothes on to! Sis is quickly using up all the good biblical girl names--branch out to Greek: Persephone or Demeter would be cool, ya think?