Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Real Car For Real Drivers


I came across a pretty funny commercial from Chevrolet Europe. I think this is definitely a must-see for any automotive or Transformers fans. I got a good laugh and wanted to pass it on.

How annoying would it be if your car could transform and dance like the one featured here? There would definitely be some fun moments, but I can feel for the poor guy. Watch the commercial below:

The message in the commercial is clearly a reference to fancy cars with all sorts of bells and whistles to entice people to buy them. The bottom line is that you want a real car. A car that will get you where you are going. Sure you want it to look nice, but dependability and reliability are more important to you. Why not go with a car that has this dependability and reliability as well as some class? Check out the new Chevy Aveo. Only real drivers need apply.

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Anonymous said...

How funny! The message isn't just a reference to the bells and whistles makes, it's something of a spoof on the Citroen transformer ads we have had in Europe.

123 said...

How would it be if those fancy cars are real? Great stuff! But I am sure they also need much bucks to be purchased...sigh...

The Webloglearner