Friday, June 27, 2008

Farting For Fun

There were so many titles that this could have gone under, so I tried to choose a relatively tasteful one. My son has decided that farts are funny. He decided this a while back, but yesterday he decided again with gusto.

We were on the way to Disneyland after work yesterday, and I hear him call from the back seat, "Mamma, Mamma." There was a great sense of urgency in his voice. The second she turned around he let one go. He had been saving it just to make sure Mommy noticed. This was followed by a fit of laughter, and then he did it again.

This continued for several minutes. He kept clenching, trying to do it again. He succeeded several times, laughing all the while. I think I laughed harder than my wife on this one, thus we all fit our gender roles on the issue. For better or worse, farts sound funny to boys. I think this is definitely an indicator of what is to come. Aren't little boys great? I can't wait to see how long it takes boy #1 to teach boy #2 how to achieve this bit of humor.


Angelika said...

I am constantly amazed at the length and number of my son's farts.

I swear he can have a 60 second fart. And then 17 more in the next hour.

What IS it with you males???

SurfJedi said...

lol. I suppose it's better than some other forms of mischief.

123 said...

I really got a good laugh at that post of yours. I think it is really among males and cultures. The other months, we were out in one of the stores here in south italy and ehile we were looking for some merchandise the assistant came with a loud fart with him! My companion run out and laughed to death! I joined out and laughed too hard as well. He is a male and not italian. Its up to u to guess what he is..hehe..but seems that farting loud in public was nothing for him!

The Webloglearner

webduck said...

I think you should quit feeding your son stuff that makes him gassy! LOL Truthfully, for whatever reason, I find amusement in farts too. I must be a sicko. ;)I would like to have left this comment using my Name and ID, but that isn't an option, so I had to use my Blogger link. My main blog is at

Liza said...

hilarious! my son also thinks it's funny.

have a blessed weekend.

Vixen said...

It's a man thing. Genetic or some such. LMAO.