Sunday, June 1, 2008

Blog Traffic Assistance

I have been checking out a few sites to drive traffic to my blog, and I thought I would share them with you.

The best one so far is Traffic Swarm. I had used them in previous business ventures in the past, and decided to get back into it last night. I have already earned 847 credits. They have a pretty cool system that pays you one to five credits per click, depending on what the advertiser is willing to pay them. Getting more than one credit per click is a great way to quickly drive people to your site.

Traffic Swarm is very easy to use, and they respond quickly. Like I said, I signed up last night and my blog was approved within an hour or so. I was able to earn credits before I was approved as well. You can sign up multiple sites, and allot traffic percentages to each one. I like this feature. Sometimes you want to temporarily boost one page, so you can transfer all of your credits to a particular page.

Another cool feature is that you can set a max for the day, so you don't deplete your credits too quickly. Say you are going on vacation and won't be able to click for a few days. You can set it to only allow a certain amount of traffic so you will still have credits when you get back.

The next one I want to talk about is Blog Explosion. This is one you may already be familiar with. They take much longer to approve your blog, but once they do, it is a pretty decent site. Mine took over two weeks, so be prepared for a wait. You can earn credits while you wait though, which is good.

Blog Explosion has a number of cool features, including "Ping My Blog". It helps you alert the "blogosphere" that you have new content. This includes a few search engines from what I understand. I use this every time I add a new post. They have a way to automatically do it from your site, but I prefer to do it manually for now. I have found them to be generous with the bonus credits as well. One night it seemed that every third click was a reward. I made 25 credits or so that night just in bonuses.

The last site I want to cover today is Hits2u. I just signed up for them last night, and am still exploring the process. They have added a monetary benefit to their traffic, so it stands out from some of the others. The site is designed to offer people free 7-day trials, which then extend to 30 days if a few people sign up for free. This is supposed to create a viral traffic surge, so I am hoping it works.

So, again, in order of preference, I highly recommend you sign up with Traffic Swarm and Blog Explosion, and I recommend giving Hits2u a shot. As for disclosure, I am earning click credits, not money for these referrals. I only refer sites/products that I use or would use.

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