Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Cute Things My Son Says

This morning after breakfast my son did something different. My wife took the tray off of his high chair and instead of instantly reaching for her, he looked at his lap, waved his hand for emphasis, and said, "What a Mess!" He was referring to the food that inevitably ended up in his lap. "Mess" is a new word for him. Neither of us heard it before today.

My son has always tried to steal the seat of whomever gets him out of his high chair. We are usually eating, so this is usually inconvenient. Recently my son began adding a twist to the routine, returning it to cute status, rather than annoying. He sat in my chair, got set to eat my food, looked at my wife and said, "I Daddy." He was trying to pretend we was me. He has done this a few times, and it is cute every time.

This doesn't qualify as cute so much, but it was still impressive to me. My father in law bought my son a few puzzles while he was in California on business recently. One of these puzzles is of the alphabet, complete with electronics that know which letter you have put in place, as well as the alphabet song on command. He and I were putting the pieces in, thankfully without the sound this time, and I was singing the alphabet song for him after each letter. I was naming each letter as we went too. He picked up the "C", so I told him "A, B, C, D", prompting him to look in the appropriate section for the letter. This had worked on a few other letters, so I expected it to work this time. He looked at me, looked at the letter, and as he was reaching to put it in, he pointed at the slot and said, "C". That's right. My two year old can recognize the letter "C". Daddy was pretty proud of this, if you haven't guessed by now. :)

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Vixen said...

That "I Daddy" is very cute. He seems like a very smart little lad.