Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bye...See You, and Other Cute Phrases

My son has picked up a number of interesting phrases lately. Some of them are pretty cute. Others are pretty frustrating. I am writing about some cute ones tonight. Apparently he gets the following one from his mom, who just admitted this to me last night. Any time by son is leaving the room, he will wave at us and say, "Bye. See You." Without fail, it is those two words, back to back. With his tone of voice, and the obvious sincerity, it is hard not to laugh.

He has picked up the concept of "I don't know" recently as well. He hasn't quite grasped the word "don't", but he tries to use the sentence often. Mommy/Daddy: "Where are your shoes?" Son: "I know" (know having two syllables, and accompanied with hand motions). He will then repeat the phrase until we find what it is we are looking for.

When my son was first learning to talk, instead of saying T.V. he would say "'mote", as in "remote." It was always fun to ask him if he wanted to watch something. Mommy/Daddy: "You want to watch Mickey?" Son: "Mote! Mote!"

These are just a few of the ways my son makes me smile on a daily basis. I enjoy every minute I have with him. I have been greatly blessed.


Kati said...

Yeah, he is pretty cute...... :)

Lalaine said...

so cute!!

It's always amusing to hear children as they'e learning to talk.:)

thanks for dropping by

Griz said...

Jared, I love your comments about your little one. It makes me so proud of you as a daddy.