Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go Away Hillary

This presidential campaign has gotten out of hand. I think two years is ridiculous. I would love to see all the money these politicians spent go toward the homeless, our troops, education, or any other pet project that these people claim to care about.

As if this debacle wasn't bad enough, I can't help but feeling a sense of deja vu. Remember the way Al Gore handled his defeat? He kept whining about the popular vote. Hillary is trying to play the same card now. I am no big Obama fan, but I am sick of hearing about Hillary. Why can't she just give up gracefully?

Obama now has the most pledged delegates. He has many of the super delegates he needs. More and more are joining his camp. Hillary is losing her own money now. When is enough enough? Why can't Hillary spend her millions helping the poor she "cares" about? She is obviously not interested in anything of the sort.

Bush is continuing to disgrace the Republicans, McCain isn't much better, and Obama is on the same path it seems. I would take any of them over Hillary though. I think it is time for a major change in Washington. The Democrats and Republicans both have lost site of what is important here.

Hillary, whatever Washington has in store, whatever change is coming, you have no part in it. You have lost. Accept defeat. Don't be like Gore. Go away and never come back - and take your Skeletor cackle with you.

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