Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thank You Post Office

I have one piece of advice for you if you are moving. Tell the Post Office that you are moving by filing a change of address form. When you get to your new place you will get a special piece of mail.

What is this special piece of mail? It is an envelope full of discounts and coupons from your neighborhood. My wife and I officially changed our address together, and then I filed a change of address from my parents' house, as I was still using them for important permanent address stuff. This helped me get two sets of coupons, both of which contained a special coupon to Kragen Auto Parts. 25% off anything in the store. I am sure there were restrictions somewhere, but either way I was able to put this to good use.

The first coupon I used to buy brake pads for my POS Nissan that I thankfully no longer own. Today I went to Kragen to buy a battery for my wife's car. I saved $20 on the battery plus accessories. Kragen also had a bunch of air fresheners on sale, and they marked them down to 25 cents each on the spot. I saved quite a bit today, so I am pretty stoked.

Be sure to file your change of address forms and enjoy the coupons.

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