Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise

My wife surprised me today in a good way. She is usually horrible at keeping secrets, so this time she caught me completely by surprise. It seems that at some point on Saturday she came across one of my close friends on Facebook. They worked out a plan for him to come up for a late Sunday lunch. She decided to hide the plan from me.

My wife apparently went through some great lengths to keep this secret from me, though I think she probably tried harder than she needed to. She takes pride in the fact that she kept us from going to lunch so we could eat at home, considering we did quite a bit of grocery shopping the day before. This of course made sense to me, and I went about my day.

I was just getting the grill going for some Carne Asada when I heard a noise up front. The wind had been knocking the blinds around all day, so I figured that is what I had heard. My wife told me to check the door, so I went to the door to comply. I looked through the peephole, as I was not expecting company. I didn't see enough to make out who it was, so I opened the door. To my surprise my friend was standing there.

Part of the surprise was that in the two plus years I have been married he had not been to my place, and we are now on our second place. He was a Groomsman in my wedding, but hadn't seen the boy. My son has been to his house, but that is another story.

I think this was a pleasant surprise. This is a particularly good friend, but we get so busy that it is hard to get together. On those rare occasions where it works out, it is always a fun time.

When he arrived, my son was still taking his nap. We got to visit for a while before my son woke up. As my son made it known that he was awake, I warned my friend that he might not get a warm greeting for a while. My son tends to have a warm up period, and won't give a stranger the time of day for at least five minutes. To our surprise, my son was instantly taken with him. He acted like he knew him forever, though he was seeing him for the first time. It was pretty entertaining. They had quite a bit of fun together.

We took my son to the park on the beach near my house, and let my son get his legs wet in the ocean. The water is still pretty cold, so we didn't stay there long. It is convenient to have some slides and swings right there on the sand. My son can't get enough of that place, and prefers the big kid slides to the one more appropriate for his size.

Today was a pretty fun day. I always enjoy playing with my son, but to add my friend to the mix made it especially fun. Hopefully we will be able to get together before my new baby is two years old. :)


Kati said...

I am pretty proud of myself......maybe I can build up on it and surprise you more in the future!

Griz said...

Way to go Kati! I love surprises!