Friday, May 30, 2008

Harvey Korman, 47 Years of Laughter

As I type tonight I am watching "Blazing Saddles", in honor of Harvey Korman, who left this world yesterday at the age of 81. He played many memorable roles over the years, the first of which to come to mind was Hedley Lamarr, in "Blazing Saddles". He has been making people laugh for so many years that it seems extra hard on those who now grieve him.

I was not an avid Korman fan, but I did enjoy his roles throughout my own limited encounters with his work. I like to look back on the work of early actors, as the business was so much more pure back then. They didn't have to deal with writer's strikes, or SAG strikes, or any other nonsense of that nature. They worked for a sheer love of the job.

Most of my memory of his career is tied up with his Mel Brooks movies. He did some episodes of shows I watched as a kid, including "The Flinstones" and "The Munsters" as well, so I am bound to have seen him more times than I can recall. Most of the roles he was best known for were from well before my time though. I always enjoyed his roles whenever I came across them.

My prayers go out on behalf of his family and friends.

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