Friday, May 23, 2008

Mr. Mischief

Whenever my son's activities stop making noise, my wife and I know that he is up to no good. Tonight was no exception. He stopped making noise, so I went to investigate. He managed to climb up to the top bunk of his bed, which doesn't have a mattress or ladder, and had begun painting his toenails.

This boy can't get enough of Mommy's makeup. He sees her using it, so he thinks that all grownups use it. This is how he has progressed his whole life. Mommy and Daddy have a fork, so Baby needs a fork too. Hopefully the carrying purses and painting toenails is just a fad. I don't need to spend all that extra money! :P

This wasn't how the evening ended, however. My son and I were playing in the living room, and after a while I took a moment to rest. We started throwing a ball around, with the movie "Dodgeball" on in the background. I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back, my wife's old camera was flying through the air, and landing on my ankle. Needless to say, this hurt pretty bad. I think it is time to start reinforcing the idea that only balls get thrown, and especially not cameras.

As I type, my son is fighting his pajama routine. We can't wait for him to move past this stage. While there are definitely some cute moments, I will gladly forgo the tantrums he is dishing out in mass quantities.

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