Friday, May 23, 2008

The No Microwave Challenge

When my wife and I moved to Ventura County last October, we decided to leave an old friend behind - our microwave. I know you are thinking, "how can one live without a microwave?" My answer to that would be, "quite well."

We are finding that there is no quick reheating to be done in our house. Something has to go in the toaster oven, the oven, or on the stove. I don't know that we are gaining any health benefits, but I thought it would be worth a shot.

Growing up as microwaves were first hitting their stride, it is an odd thing to not have a microwave. It took a little adjusting, but for the most part we are in good spirits. To be fair, my wife has made more of a sacrifice than I have on this point. I have a microwave in the break room at work, so I am not wholly weaned off of microwaves. She stays at home with the boy, so she has no choice but to be microwave-free.

We are not exactly known for our "Green" lifestyle, so don't write this off as evidence that we are environmental wackos. We don't even believe in the farce of "Global Warming." I had heard some things growing up about cancer and microwaves, and more recently my mom was talking about microwaves altering food chemically. I don't necessarily buy into all that hype, but nonetheless, we are sans microwave.

I really don't miss it that much. Again, remember that I am using one at work. I do have to deal with it in the mornings, at night, and on weekends and holidays, though, so I think I am still qualified to make the call. We will see how long this experiment can last. I am hoping it can last for at least a few more years.


Jenny said...

We've not used our microwave for over a year now...something is wrong with the "childlock" and we just can't figure it out....neither can the manufacturer! lol!! We use it as a timer now. I think it will need to be Freecycled soon's kinda big to keep around for a timer. ...though now that I think about it, it is very hard to lose! lol!

Griz said...

Ok, 'farce of global warming'????? Are ya blind my friend?????