Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big Brother in Training

My wife and I were reorganizing our garage today and came across a box of old stuffed animals that I had been saving for my son. He thought some of them were pretty cool, but the one he really was excited about was a baby doll. Immediately he gave the doll a huge hug and said "My Baby!". This elicited a laugh from us. He was so excited to have this baby around. I suppose I should fill in the back story as to why I even had this doll to begin with.

I am not sure of all the details, but apparently my name was supposed to be Zachary. My parents must have told my older sisters what my name would be, and when my mom changed it after I was born, this affected my sister. Again, the details are a bit fuzzy, but I think it went that she named it Zachary so she could still have a baby brother named Zachary. Eventually this doll ended up getting passed down to me. Since I took good care of all my stuff when I was a kid, this survived all the life transitions until today when I gave the old toys to my son.

So, back to today. He was carrying this baby all over the place. I asked him if that was his baby, and he nodded yes. I asked him where mommy's baby was, and he pointed to her stomach. It seems he is catching on to the fact that mommy is pregnant. I am not sure how much he has understood up until this point, but now we are wondering. I am sure as his vocabulary grows we will find out a little more about his grasp on the situation. Whatever he knows certainly didn't stop him from giving mommy's stomach a flying elbow drop while she was napping on the floor today.

We had to give the baby a diaper today. We caught my son pondering why the baby had no genitals, which was pretty funny too. After giving the baby the diaper he continued to play with the baby. We put some of his pajamas on it at bedtime, which thrilled him. He is sleeping with the baby near him tonight. We think that he is definitely interested in being a big brother.

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