Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Illegal Immigrants Are Law Breakers?

I know it is hard to believe, but a group of Illegal Immigrants broke the law yesterday. I mean, what part of ILLEGAL Immigrant suggests that these people might be inclined to break the law? I saw an interesting article on Yahoo today about a riot instigated by soon-to-be-deported illegal immigrants. It was titled "Hundreds riot at LA detention center for illegal immigrants". You can find the article here: [] - Original link is outdated. New link is here:

It seems that there was a large group of illegal immigrants in Lancaster, CA yesterday. These illegal immigrants were to be deported, and so they chose to riot. Apparently it started as a gang fight and spread to other parts of the facility. The riot only lasted a short while, and was ended once tear gas was administered.

According to the article,

"The federal Department of Homeland Security contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to staff and manage the Mira Loma Detention Center in Lancaster, which holds about 900 detainees who are in the process of being deported or awaiting resolution of their cases in immigration courts."

900 detainees. Did you catch that? 900 detainees. Sounds like Schwarzenegger could save California a lot of money by emptying this and other facilities as quickly as possible.

I have been encouraged by recent news of Immigration Enforcement cracking down on businesses in southern California who hire illegal immigrants. If Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villa-(insert your choice of "La Raza", "Riconquista", or [insert choice descriptor] here) is complaining about it, you know somebody is doing something right. The fact that there would be a riot is not surprising to me.

It is a sad commentary on modern society when I now have to delve more deeply into the idea of illegal immigration simply to avoid being labeled a bigot or a racist. I am pro-immigrant. I am anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. I have friends who just became citizens this year, and I think that the illegal-immigration rights people are intentionally slapping the faces of those people who do it the right way.

The United States of America is without a doubt a "country of immigrants." It would be stupid to argue against that statement, which is why the liberals have repeated it over and over again. The issue I have is not with immigrants. I just want the sacrifices my friends have made to mean something. Why should they bother getting their citizenship the right way if all it takes is waiting for George W. Bush, John McCain and Ted Kennedy to offer amnesty?

That being said I will get back to my point. Illegal immigrants should be allowed to riot in their own countries, and not here. I don't care if their country is France, Spain, Mexico or Canada. Illegal Immigration is just that - ILLEGAL. This riot is a valuable case study in the temperament of a large number of these Illegal immigrants.

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