Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Learning To Talk

The last time I wrote about some funny things my son said he cranked up the output quite a bit. Let's see what happens this time. :)

Tonight I was making dinner while my son was playing with some coffee travel mugs. I was trying to keep my food from burning on the stove but my son kept trying to hand me a coffee cup. "Cheers", he would say as he clinked his cup against mine. He kept this up for quite a while, and I thought it was pretty cute.

For the longest time my son has been fascinated with flushing toilets. He always rushes to the bathroom whenever he suspects his mom or I have been in there. We are wanting to potty train him soon, so we have encouraged this excitement. Tonight I asked him if he wanted to flush the toilet, and he ran as fast as he could to get to it. When he was finished he looked up at me, clapped his hands and said, "I did it!" This is the first time I have heard this phrase, though my wife says it is a common one.

Every so often my son will look at his picture on the wall, look up at us, and exclaim, "It's ME!" My son is learning quite a bit. I can't wait to see what he will come up with next.

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