Thursday, April 10, 2008

Go Get Me Some Pez!

A week or so ago my wife and I were in the store and we came across a PEZ candy display. My wife doesn't like PEZ, so she usually walks on by, but this time it caught my son's eye and we had to stop. We looked for a character he would like, and gave him a choice between Mickey and Winnie the Pooh. He chose the Pooh. Daddy, thinking ahead, decided to pick up a spare package of PEZ refills.

Sure enough, as soon as the candy is in the dispenser, he is chowing down on it and quickly consumes the first pack. We cut him off at one, and so he had to wait until the next night for more. While I was at work he began stalking the cabinet where I had put the remaining candy. He doesn't say too many words yet, but it was clear what he wanted. My wife told him he had to wait for Daddy to come home so he could get more candy.

I got home to a huge hug and a big kiss. He was definitely not wasting any time. :) My wife told me what he was waiting for, so I filled his dispenser and he quickly ate the whole pack. He then went about his business this time, not knowing about the spare pack I bought.

The last few weeks my son has been very concerned with something outside at night while we are watching TV. My wife and I have no idea what it is, since he can't tell us. One night we thought it was the wind, and took him outside to investigate. Another night we thought it was because we had the porch light on. We have yet to figure out what it is. One night though, it was quite clear.

My son began showing concern for something outside, so Mommy and Daddy proceeded to guess at what it could be. He kept saying no, and then repeating whatever it was he was saying, patiently waiting for us to guess what it was he said. At one point he grabbed my hand and pointed to the door. He had a PEZ dispenser in his hand, so I took another guess. I asked him, "Do you want Daddy to go to the store to buy you more PEZ?" Daddy scored big on this one. He began nodding his head vigorously, seemingly saying "Yes Daddy, GO GET ME SOME PEZ!"

Fortunately I had that spare pack and was able to satisfy that craving. Next time he starts looking out the window with a worried face I will know what he is thinking.

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